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IT Best Practices Audit™ - Our Clients

Mercy Hospital



"We worked with the TCS principal, Randy James, on our Hospital's IT Best Practices Audit. It was extremely helpful to have a spotlight put on the areas within our environment at risk or in need of improvement.

A priority document was created to identify at risk systems and improvements to IT operative systems. Of particular usefulness were the insights provided to us by the TCS principal during the interview process and final report presentation as to what the implications of the findings were and guidance on those items that should receive top priority.

I strongly recommend The Consultants Source, LLC and their Best Practice Audit as a means to get an unbiased and in-depth look at the operating efficiency of an IT organization's infrastructure."Richard F. Cerceo, Chief Operating Officer - Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois

Northwestern University






"The TCS IT Best Practices Audit has helped us to both assess the health of our enterprise and identify specific areas where we could make a high impact on our services, highlighting key topics where we should pay particular attention.

We are now using the audit results as the basis for new projects and improvements, with decisions driven by data rather than instinct.

I highly recommend the TCS IT Best Practices Audit for an objective view of IT infrastructure with relevant, actionable results.”

Chris Comerford, Director of IT, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois

Metropolitan Family Services



“The TCS IT Best Practices Audit did an excellent job in showing us where our IT was meeting best practices and it helped us focus our efforts to areas that needed improvement.

The depth and breadth of the subject matter is impressive and revealed issues that we were able to address immediately.”

Thomas M. Remakel, VP of Information Management Systems, Metropolitan Family Services, Chicago, Illinois

American Italian Pasta Corp.





"Shortly after joining AIPC, I learned about the TCS IT Best Practices Audit. It provided exactly what I was looking for--a simple, easy-to-use, yet comprehensive diagnostic to quickly assess the health of my IT infrastructure.

The audit results were excellent!”

Steve Tesdahl, Chief Information Officer, American Italian Pasta Corp , Kansas City, Missouri

"Normal" Audit Findings. . .

66% of Audit topics use Unknown, Worst, Poor, or Average Practices!

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