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TCS IT Best Practices Audit™ - Information Technology Assessment Tool

The TCS IT Best Practices Audit™ enables an objective assessment of a client's technology environment to quickly identify and prioritize opportunities to utilize Best Practices to significantly improve the reliability, utilization, performance, and ROI of the client's existing IT assets. Outputs include a prioritized, detailed, actionable roadmap of high-value activities for the client IT staff. Learn more here.

TCS Strategic Alignment™ - Business Operations and Value Mapping Tools

The TCS Business Operations Mapping™ and Busiess Value Mapping™ tools facilitate focused and collaborative dialogue with senior managers regarding their top-priority business objectives and the technology-related tasks necessary to achieve those objectives. You benefit from the clarity and structure of the mapping outputs, enhancing your role as a "trusted advisor". Learn more here.

TCS Software Select™ - Software Selection and eRFx Tool

TCS Vendor Select™ is a powerful web-based eRFx tool. Use it when sourcing information technology products and services. TCS Vendor Select™ is loaded with procurement content covering a wide range of information technology projects, so you can stop re-inventing the wheel each each time with a software sourcing selection. Learn more here.

TCS EMR Select™ - Electronic Medical Record Software Selection Tool

TCS EMR Select™ is a specialized application of the TCS Software Select™ tool. Use it when selecting and evaluating a Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management software package. EMR Select™ is loaded with over 250 important EMR/PM system evaluation criteria, and it's already connected to the leading EMR/PM vendors, making issuance of RFIs and RFPs a snap. Learn more here.

Did You Know . . .

The TCS IT Best Practices Audit is used by IT staff to troubleshoot system performance issues and diagnose their root causes.