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IT Best Practices Audit™

The IT Best Practices Audit™ is an easy to use, web based tool that facilitates a structured, comprehensive, and repeatable audit of practices used by the organization in the design, configuration, operation, and management of the technology environment. The Audit provides specific, prioritized, actionable recommendations to enable the IT staff and/or partners to permanently solve 100's of issues.

The Audit knowledge base contains over 2200 topics organized in 15 subjects. Each audit can be customized by selecting the needed subjects for each environment (an application, location, business unit, etc.).

All Audit topics are based upon the direct experience of TCS, and are vendor, technology, and industry neutral where practical. TCS represents the client - we do not sell, recommend, or receive any compensation for any vendors' products or services.

For a detailed overview of the IT Best Practices Audit,   click here.

2011 Chicago Innovation Awards

The TCS IT Best Practices Audit has been nominated for a 2011 Chicago Innovation Award!   Click here for more information.

IT Best Practices Audit Content

IT Finanical Benchmarking Audit Content

TCS also partners with Infotech Healthcheck ( to provide IT Financial Benchmarking tools and peer data.

You can view sample benchmark content and reports here.

Audit Results

  • Identify the practices currently in use by IT staff,
  • Measure how well current practices are performed - relative to Peers and Best Practices,
  • Identify practices that are done poorly or not at all,
  • Learn proven, detailed, actionable recommendations to permanently solve 100's of issues to improve the reliability, utilization, capacity, performance, and ROI of EXISTING technology assets.

Using the Audit Results

  • Indentify and Prioritize Issues
  • Knowledge to Solve the Root Causes of Issues   Click here to view Sample Reports.
  • Justify IT Investments
  • Improve User Productivity
  • Maximize the Value of Existing IT Assets (Hardware, Software, and People)
  • Reduce IT Costs
  • Improve IT Service
  • Reallocate IT Resources to Drive the Business

Fast, Easy to Use, Cost Effective

  • Non invasive - no software to install or maintain.
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Topics are presented "interview style" using multiple choice questions and randomized answers.
  • Many recommendations can be implemented by IT staff at near zero cost.


  • Audit reports are delivered to the CIO.
  • Compare your environment against peers.
  • Consistent results across environments, locations, and time.
  • Great for soolving current issues, performing annual reviews, and conducting due diligence projects.


  • Easy-to-use, color-coded Reports.
  • Detailed Reports highlight current state of each topic relative to Best Practice.
  • Provides a prioritized list of recommended actions to improve each topic - incremental improvement and recommended Best Practice.
  • Focus is improvement and optimization of client's existing IT assets.
  • Reports include Executive Summaries and Audit content.


  • Audit is Software based.
  • Users cannor modify audit content.
  • Results can be directly compared across environments, locations, and time.
  • Establishes an objective baseline to measure current state and future progress.

Mercy Hospital

"We worked with the TCS principal, Randy James, on our Hospital's IT Best Practices Audit. It was extremely helpful to have a spotlight put on the areas within our environment at risk or in need of improvement.

A priority document was created to identify at risk systems and improvements to IT operative systems. Of particular usefulness were the insights provided to us by the TCS principal during the interview process and final report presentation as to what the implications of the findings were and guidance on those items that should receive top priority.

I strongly recommend The Consultants Source, LLC and their Best Practice audit tool as a means to get an unbiased and in-depth look at the operating efficiency of an IT organization's infrastructure."  Richard F. Cerceo, Chief Operating Officer - Mercy Hospital & Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois

"Normal" Audit Findings. . .

42% of Audit topics use Unknown or Worst Practices!

What are your current practices?