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IT Best Practices Audit Reports

Audit Reports

All Audit reports are created by TCS and delivered as PDF compatible files. Each audit topic is presented on a seperate page; a typical report for a Standard Audit (5 subjects) contains more than 700 pages of Best Practices and recommendations.

Comprehensive and Detailed Action Roadmap Report

Each page of the Action Roadmap report includes:

  • Current State for the topic
  • Incremental and Best Practices for the topic
  • Importance and discussion of the topic
  • Action Scores™ by subject, category, and topic
  • Peer Averages by subject, category, and topic
  • Opportunity/benefit of using the Best Practice
  • Recommendation for improvement
  • How and where to inspect the topic for supporting data
  • Any notes entered during the audit

IT Best Practices Audit - Sample Reports and Peer Reports

You can view samples of the IT Best Practices Audit™ reports here.

You can a sample of the Cloud Computing Options Matrix™  here.

You can view samples of the Peer reports here.

TCS also partners with Infotech Healthcheck ( to provide IT Financial Benchmarking tools and peer data. You can view sample benchmark content and reports   here.


For easy interpretation and navigation, all Audit reports utilize a numeric Action Score™ (from 0 to 100), and are color coded. Scores from 0 to 29 are coded green, and indicate the use of good to excellent practices. Scores from 30 to 50 are coded yellow, indicating significant improvement is possible. Scores from 51 to 100 are coded red, and indicate substantial improvement is possible when Best Parctices are utilized.

Metropolitan Family Services

"The TCS IT Best Practices Audit did an excellent job in showing us where our technology was meeting best practices and it helped us focus our efforts to areas that needed improvement.

The depth and breadth of the subject matter is impressive and revealed a few surprise issues that we were able to address immediately. The reports provide a strong visual impact that made it easy to present to our management team. We employed it to justify some budget issues and to help us formulate some tactical plans for upcoming projects.

The direct input from the TCS Consultant gave us valuable information that supplemented the written report. We have now established a baseline of our environment and will use this tool on a periodic basis to assess our progress and as an easily understood aid to top management's understanding of our mission. I highly recommend the services of The Consultants Source to all CIOs looking to improve their operations and to make a strong business case to their management.

Any IT organization that wants to effectively audit the use of best practices needs this service."Thomas M. Remakel, Vice President Information Management Systems,
Metropolitan Family Services, Chicago, Illinois

Did You Know . . .

The TCS IT Best Practices Audit™ can provide solutions to 100's of issues that impact reliability, utilization, performance, service levels, and ROI.