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TCS IT Best Practices Audit nominated for 2011 Chicago Innovation Award

Up The TCS IT Best Practices Audit has been nominated for the 2011 Chicago Innovation Award!

2011 Chicago Innovation Awards

For the 10th consecutive year, the awards will celebrate the creative spirit of the Chicago region by honoring the city’s most innovative new products and services.
  Click here for more information.

TCS Introduces a Self Service Option for IT Best Practices Audit

Up  TCS has introduced a self service version of the IT Best Practices Audit. To collect the needed data, a web based data collection tool presents multiple choice, "survey" questions to the user. When the survey questions are completed, data is sent to TCS for analysis, scoring, and report generation.

The Standard Audit Package includes 5 subjects: Desktops and Printers, Microsoft Servers, Storage, Networks, and Software Licensing.

The Premium Audit Package adds Data Center, IT Cost Containment, and Cloud Computing Readiness subjects for a total of 8.

For organizations that need to target specific subjects, an a la carte (per subject) option is available.

To view a sample audit, click here.

TCS presents at 2011 IT Financial Management Association Conference

Up  TCS was featured at the 2011 ITFMA Conference in St. Louis, MO., and discussed the following topics:

You’ve Managed the Acquisition Costs, Now It’s Time to Manage the Payback Using Best Practices

This session discusses the use of a new ITAM tool to conduct a structured, comprehensive, vendor neutral audit of the use of infrastructure (storage, servers, networks, desktops, etc.) best practices to identify high impact, low cost actions that can maximize the reliability, utilization, capacity, performance, and ROI of existing technology assets.   Click here to view the presentation.

The ITAM Triple Play: Track IT, Measure IT, and Improve IT Using Best Practices Workshop

This workshop introduces the methodology and benefits of integrating Technology Business Management (tools that track IT budgets and costs), IT Financial Benchmarking (tools that measure specific unit and staff costs), and Infrastructure Best Practices (techniques to maximize the reliability, capacity, and performance of the assets during their operational lifetime). Several case studies will be used to illustrate how these tools/techniques work together to identify budget variances, compute IT specific cost statistics, and use peer data to identify areas of opportunity, and direct the use of infrastructure best practices to correct and/or optimize the capacity and performance of IT assets.   Click here to view the presentation.

TCS Introduces Next Generation IT Financial Management Model at ITFMA Conference


The model combines and integrates IT Business Management software, IT Financial benchmarking, and the TCS IT Best Practices Audit.

Mr. Jed Rubin of Rubin Worldwide, the recognizied industry leaders in the field of Technology Economics, calls the IT Best Practices Audit "the missing link in the IT Financal Management solution". TCS is working with leading ITBM and IT Financial Benchmarking providers on the integration of processes and data.   Click here to view the model.

Rubin Worldwide becomes a TCS Partner


Rubin Worldwide has become a TCS partner. Rubin has licensed the TCS IT Best Practices Audit for use with its clients.   Click here for more information about Rubin Worldwide.

TCS adds Cloud Computing Readiness to IT Best Practices Audit


TCS has added the Cloud Computing Readiness subject to the IT Best Practices Audit. This subject includes 225 Cloud related topics.   Click here to view the Cloud topics.

  Click here to view a sample Cloud Options Maxtrix Report.

Did You Know . . .

The TCS IT Best Practices Audit™ can be used as a M&A due diligence tool - both pre and post acquisition.