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TCS Strategic Alignment™ - About

A New Approach to Selling Your Products and Services

The TCS Business Operations Mapping™and TCS Business Value Mapping™ tools facilitate focused and collaborative dialogue with your clients' senior managers regarding their top-priority business objectives and the technology-related tasks necessary to achieve those objectives. Your clients benefit from the clarity and structure of the mapping outputs, enhancing your status as a "trusted advisor". You benefit from discovery of opportunities to sell specific products and services that align with your clients' revealed needs.

Flexible, Adaptable and Extensible

The methodology behind the TCS Business Operations Mapping™ and TCS Business Value Mapping™ toolss is easy to learn, and it's adaptable to most of your selling contexts. You can learn the methodology and put it to practice for a single project or market segment, and then extend it to all of your operations. Our customizable templates make it easy to get started.

Holistic Approach

Our TCS Business Operations Mapping™ and TCS Business Value Mapping™ tools help you position your particular product and service offerings in the context of an overall solution to a client's specific business challenge or objective. With the ability to demonstrate your offering's fit and value with precision, clarity and total transparency, you possess a distinct competitive advantage.

Value-Added Planning

When you're fortunate to get face time with your clients' senior managers, you want to use that time effectively. By partnering more effectively with your clients during their technology planning exercises, you create additional value for your clients. And in the process, you create opportunities to advance the relevancy and strenghts of your product and service offerings.

Did You Know . . .

Leading consulting organizations use the TCS Strategic Alignment tools to train thier staff on productive client interactions.