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TCS Strategic Alignment™ - Additional Information

Business Operations Map - The Concept

At the core of the our technique is something called a Business Operations Map. Based on the most up-to-date business thinking about strategy and a logical mapping technique, you and your managers take business data and turn it into information: information about your competitive strategy, your business initiatives and your operating initiatives. The mapping process allows you to show other executives a line of sight between what your company or division offers (products or services) and what your company is trying to accomplish as a business. We lead and coach you in this discovery process and in the creation of the map, leaving you with a living strategic tool that you can continue to extend and enhance over time.

Operations Value Map - The Concept

The Operations Value Map enables anyone on your team to have a meaningful conversation about why and how you are addressing business needs, whether those needs are internal to your business or external, as to a customer or client. It's a clear and simple way to demonstrate to the company, graphically, that your group has thought out the business challenges your company faces, knows how to solve them in a very complete manner, and can discuss the solutions in detail. Executives are better able to communicate how your solutions solve both the enterprise and your customer's problems. Most importantly, the Operations Value Map ties into the operational initiative parts of the Business Operations Map giving everyone who sees it a clear "line-of-sight" from your proposed solution(s) all the way to the company's competitive strategy. It makes it easy to make the business case for an investment in proposed or ongoing solutions.

Did You Know . . .

The TCS Strategic Alignment tools help you eliminate dysfunctional aspects of your sales or consulting sales model and enhance productive aspects.