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TCS IT Best Practices Audit™ - Uses and Benefits

Provides an Independent, Objective Assessment of the IT Practices Currently In Use

  • Standardized, software based methodology to conduct consistent, high quality audits.
  • Detailed, comparable audits - across multiple environments, location, time.
  • Objective - vendor neutral, industry neutral.
  • Action oriented - identifies high impact topics, the Best Practice for each topic, and suggests the actions/priorities to resolve the issues.

Improves the Visibility of Key IT Components

  • Attractive, formatted content is easily imported into internal management reports and expenditure justifications.
  • Identify specific opportunities for tuning, outsourcing, server consolidation or cloud computing.

Improved Use of Existing IT Assets

  • Maximize the utilization of existing assets.
  • Provide a detailed baseline so that future audits can identify improvements, trends and challenges.
  • View case studies and outcomes from using the TCS IT Best Practices Audit™   here.


Metropolitan Family Services

"The TCS IT Best Practices Audit did an excellent job in showing us where our infrastructure was meeting best practices and it helped us focus our efforts to areas that needed improvement. The depth and breadth of the subject matter is impressive and revealed a few surprise issues that we were able to address immediately. The reports provide a strong visual impact that made it easy to present to our management team. We employed it to justify some budget issues and to help us formulate some tactical plans for upcoming projects. The direct input from the TCS Consultant gave us valuable information that supplemented the written report. We have now established a baseline of our environment and will use this tool on a periodic basis to assess our progress and as an easily understood aid to top management's understanding of our mission. I highly recommend the services of The Consultants Source to all CIOs looking to improve their operations and to make a strong business case to their management. Any organization that wants to effectively measure their use of IT best practices needs this tool."  Thomas M. Remakel, Vice President Information Management Systems - Metropolitan Family Services, Chicago, Illinois

Did You Know . . .

The TCS IT Best Practices Audit™ produces a detailed list of actionable, high-value recommendations to solve 100's of issues and increase the performance and reliability of your existing systems.